It is currently planned to air in 2022.

Harry Potter's Slytherin sister feels alienated from the world, especially with her twin brother ig. 245.



. . The series’ name already tells us that BL series fans will definitely.


25 days ago. . Does anyone have a link to the English translated novel or where I can buy it.

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Dinampot ko na iyong bag ko tapos lumarga na kami palabas ng k’warto.

Status: c98.

boyslove, bl, thailand. For readers looking for a uniquely plotted storyline, Bed Friend Novel is the best to go for 2023.

DO NOT COPY MY STORY. Hindi ko nalang siya pinansin, bagkus ay nagpatuloy nalang ako sa ‘king ginagawa.

29 parts Ongoing.

Also Known As: Don't Play with Anol , Middle Love Project , Bed Friend Series , Ya Len Kap Anon.

The sunlight hits my eyes when the sun rises above the building.

It is currently planned to air in 2022. . I decided to crash at Gan's place last night after wandering around in exhaustion.

The novel was written by Littlebear96 and published under the Sathaporn Book publishing house. . 8. ⌜мιиι яєνιєω⌝. English version is now available! Read the full story at your preferred platform: meb / Naiin App / Ookbee / Pinto E-book / SE-ED / comico / Hytexts / Amazon (Kindle Edition) Search 'Bed Friend' ____ Bed Friend. I really like the relationship of those two.


Next to the digital book read medium, Bed Friend has also been sculpted with a Thai series which was recently released (18th February 2023). Watch the series here; Novel: Don’t Play With Anon by littlebbear96.